Fall 2019 League Cup Registration
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    League Cup Finals will be held <TBD>

    If you are having difficulty registering, contact our webmaster for help. Please include as much detail as possible / including screen captures.


    Please make sure to include your Club name as part of your team name when registering for League Clup play.

    Registration deadline is TBD, 2019

    Once you have completed the registration above, print the invoice and mail payment of $60.00 payable to MCYSA to:

    MCYSA League Cup
    Rob Cafasso
    25 Ogden Terrace
    Butler, NJ 07405

    Registration fee will be waived for teams flighted 3 or lower for 10U and 14U only

    League Cup Overview

    MCYSA League Cup Overview

    The first MCYSA League Cup was held in the Spring 2009 season. It was a huge success and it has grown every year since. Each FALL season there is an MCYSA League Cup for U11, U12, and U13 and in the SPRING season there is an MCYSA League Cup for the U10, U14, D2, and D1 teams. There are separate groups for boys and girls.

    The format is a single elimination league wide "tournament" with a maximum of 5 rounds of play in each age group. The league cup is open to ALL teams currently registered with MCYSA. The maximum number of teams in each group is 32 and registration is first come first in.

    The cost is $60 registration fee and each team is responsible for referee fees for each game you play. You should anticipate a 3-person referee system for ALL games regardless of the age group. The finals will be held in one location beginning as early as 12pm and as late as 8PM. The date of the finals is fixed and will not be changed.

    Format of games

    The match-ups will begin with a blind draw with the first team picked in each pair as the home team. The opponents are expected to agree upon a play date and time within the round date window and communicate this date to the League Cup Director to insure referee coverage. A minimum of 72 hours is required to ensure proper referee coverage. Scores must be reported via email to the director by both teams and the referee. All games will follow MCYSA game policies (including any modifications previously adopted by MCYSA) with the exception that games tied at the end of regulation will be decided by kicks from the mark. NO overtime periods.

    Secondary players are NOT allowed to participate in LC games except for D1 and D2. All other age groups can have secondary players on your roster but they may NOT play in these games.

    All disciplinary actions for players and coaches will carry to the next game played regardless if it is a League Cup or regular season game(s). All discipline issues are referred to the MCYSA Discipline Chair for appropriate action.

    Guest and secondary player policy

    • Guest players are allowed at all age groups per normal league play policy (no limit on number)
    • Secondary players will be permitted only at the D2/D1 level (no limit on number)
    • Guest / Secondary players may only play for 1 team in any age group. including their own.

    Rob Cafasso
    Interim League Cup Games Chair

    Posted Aug 29, 2018

    Teams marked as approved - MCYSA has received your payment.