Registrations for Fall season are due July 15th and Registrations for Spring season are due
January 15th

Each season Clubs must register with MCYSA by submitting
1 registration record with your Club Information
and 1 registration record for EACH of your teams that will be playing in MCYSA

MCYSA Registrations are handled by using a Registration Module.  There are no on-line forms for registration.  The Registration Module is a small application program currently written in Microsoft Access 2003.  Each module sent out is customized specifically for your club for the upcoming season.  It will require the same information as in the past but should save you quite a bit of typing time as it is already pre-populated with much of last season's team and club info.  Several clubs have been using this process for several years and we've been told it's much faster and easier than the online forms. 

The program will be emailed to you, completed and verified at your end, and emailed back (only once) by the registration deadline.  You must be familiar with zipped/compressed folders and how to extract data from a zipped/compressed file.  For this season will still need to have Microsoft Access installed to run the program.  If you do not have MS Access we don't recommend purchasing it just for this registration.  You can download and install runtime for Access 2007.  It can be downloaded for free at THIS MICROSOFT LINK   (Many thanks to Rick Suntag for checking and finding this solution.)   It appears the 2007 version works, but the Access 2010 runtime version does not - so be sure to use the link above for the 2007 version.

It is your responsibility to:

Please complete and submit the information below so we know who will be handling your registration
and where to send your Registration Module


Requested by:  
(This is who is responsible for the registrations)
Your email address:  
(This is where the module will be sent)
Your Club Name:  
Your Position in the Club:  
(League Contact, President, Registrar, etc.)
Estimate of the number of teams you expect to register:
Small Sided (U08-U10)   Just a rough estimate for
our planning - the actual
number will be taken once
your registrations are sent in.
Full Sided (U11-U114)  
Full Sided Div 1 & Div2 (U15-U119)  
Have you used the module before? NO   YES
Access Version:  The program will be sent inMS Access 2003 format

~ Also, if you have used the module before SUGGESTIONS are highly encouraged!! ~

Thank you!
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