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This site incorporates a variety of forms for submission and requests.  Please feel free to send in your comments and suggestions.  Help make the MCYSA site one that you will visit often!

Through out the season
we sent out message regarding games or other league related issues to Club and Team contacts.  The email addresses used are those that were submitted by clubs in their registration modules.  We realize that an incorrect address may have been submitted, and someone not involved with MCYSA may get some unwanted communication.  Please let us know we have reached the wrong person so you will not be bothered by additional messages.

Have we reached  you in error?  Not affiliated with a MCYSA Club or Team?
Remove my Email Address - | GO TO FORM
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PAYMENT FORM - | GO TO FORM (Excel Spreadsheet)Must be Submitted with all Payments to the League
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .LEFT Click to open, fill in and print, or RIGHT Click to download and save
There are now three separate forms used for the different types of payments sent in to the league. Directions and mailing instructions for each form is enclosed with the form file.


Member Clubs register their teams each season - Fall and Spring.   There are two steps in the registration process. 

Step 1 consists of the MCYSA registration where each member club is sent a Registration Module/ Program each season that is used for registration.  Registration Modules are completed by the club and returned to the MCYSA Scheduler.  They will also need to submit a payment form (see above) that is sent in to the League Registrar.  Registration deadlines are 1/15 for the Spring season and 7/15 for the Fall season.

Step 2 consists of the GotSoccer registration.  Coaches please see your Club's Primary Carding Contact for information and training.

Team & Club Registration - | GO TO REGISTRATION INFO PAGE

Division 1 & Division 2 Early Carding Packets - | GO TO FORM Traditionally there is no MCYSA flighting or game scheduling for Division 1 and Division 2 teams each FALL. However, many older teams elect to card their players early on so they can participate in tournaments or indoor games scheduled before the Spring season. You can request an Early Carding Packets for Division 1 or Division 2 teams here between July 1st and December 15th.

PAYMENT FORM - | GO TO FORM (Excel Spreadsheet) Must be Submitted with all Payments to the League
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PreSeason Conflict Notification - - | GO TO FORM | GO TO SEASON INFO PAGE |

FIELD ISSUES - - | GO TO FORM | Here is where clubs can report field issues for their club for game dates identified for the upcoming season.

Referee Registration - - | GO TO FORM | GO TO REFEREE ROOM | Referees interested in officiating MCYSA Games can register with the league here

New Jersey Youth Soccer

Please visit the www.NJYouthSoccer.com site for a variety of forms in word and pdf format.  At this time most appear to be found under the "Registration Info" link from the main page.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the pdf forms.  You can download it at www.adobe.com Some of the information and forms that you'll find at the NJYS Site:

NJYS Forms and Policies

Administrative Information
GotSoccer Information
NJYS Fee Schedule
. . . . . . Note:  This is NOT the MCYSA registration fee, although these fees are incorporated in your MCYSA Registration fees.
Out of State Players playing in NJYS
Secondary Player Passes
Small Sided Soccer Policies
Hardship Teams
Out of State Identification Form

Registration Forms

Membership Forms
Player Membership Form
Volunteer Coach Membership Form
Non-Volunteer Membership Form
Release Form
Secondary Player Add Form
Out of State Identification Form
Medical Release Form
KidSafe Disclosure Form
KidSafe Club Certification Form
Indoor Facility Roster

MCYSA SAGE: | View Information and Pledge Form |


Flight Change Request Form - | GO TO FORM |  The Flighting Process takes into account all the information in the team registration records: the make up of a team (player ages, experience, returning and new players, etc.), prior results, request comments, as well as placement of other same age teams in their club.  For a period of about a week just after Preliminary Flighting clubs and teams have the opportunity to view the flighting and opposition.  If there is some compelling reason that a change in flighting should be considered this form should be submitted by LEAGUE CONTACTS only.  While all requests can not be honored, they are all carefully reviewed against the flighting as long as the request is made using this form.  Any changes will be shown once Final Flighting is posted.  No changes can be made once Final Flighting is posted.  You can also VIEW THE FLIGHTING PAGES


Field, Facility, Location Directions - | GO TO FORM | GO TO DIRECTORY |

The addition of these pages to the website has proved to be a tremendous help to teams, coaches,  referees, and parents.   These pages are NOT ONLY limited to MCYSA fields.  We would like to provide a comprehensive listing of sports fields, facilities and locations.  If we don't have it already listed send yours in now. 

Feel free to supply directions from an additional starting point.  With teams traveling from several different counties a selection of directions to one place are especially helpful! 


Game Cards

| GO TO page for link | GO TO GAME MENU |

Starting with Spring 2010 coaches must download and print the game cards for each game.  There is an Excel version and a PDF version. 

Game Score & Evaluation Submission - | GO TO FORM | GO TO GAME MENU |

Schedule Changes (MakeUp's, Postponements, etc. - - | GO TO FORM | GO TO GAME MENU |

Referee Game Report - - | GO TO FORM | GO TO REFEREE ROOM |

Game Score & Evaluation Submission  - - | GO TO FORM | GO TO GAME MENU | GO TO COACH CORNER |

Game Scores are to  be reported on-line the day/evening the game is played.  This form is to be submitted by every coach after every game.

Unfortunately, games not played/reported within 14 days of the scheduled game date, or the end of the season (which ever is sooner) must be considered and marked as a forfeit.   Appropriate fines will be levied. 


Tournament Directory -  | GO TO FORM | GO TO DIRECTORY |

Soccer is not just a single season event!  You can find tournaments year round.  Add your tournament and help this directory become the best on the web!  If you can't find a specific tournament, check the Tournament Page Archives for past tournaments.  You may find a starting point there for an upcoming event. 

Currently our pages are arranged by months of the year and then broken down by weekends. 

Can't find the tournament you are looking for?  Just ask .. -  | GO TO FORM |

Need help creating web page for your tournament? Just ask .. -  | GO TO FORM |

Additional Information on Travel and Tournaments at NJYS (www.NJYouthSoccer.com):

General Information, Permission to Travel form, Out of State Travel Procedures,  Permission to Host a Tournament


Link Directory -  | GO TO FORM | GO TO DIRECTORY |

Team Links, Club Links, League Links, State Associations, and hundreds of others!


Submit your general Suggestions or Comments -  | GO TO FORM |
Suggestions or Comments for the League Handbook Update -  | GO TO FORM |

We are always glad to hear from you.  Please feel free to send in your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Help make the MCYSA site one that you will visit often!


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