Game card & Pre-game (revised for 2017-2018 Season)

Coaches are to use the Bonzi/BlueStar system to print your Game Day Roster. Game Day rosters can be printed within 3-days of the scheduled day/time.

Instructions for using the Bonzi/Blue Star System can be found at Instructional guides fro How to Print Player/Coach Passes, How to Print Medical Releases and How to Print Office State Rosters can be found at


Items to bring with you on game day.


  • Game Day Roster - 2 copies (printed in bonzi for each game, printed within 3 days)
  • NJYS Official "State" Roster - 1 copy in case of player or coach verification is needed
  • Coach Cards (laminated)
  • Player Cards (laminated)
  • Medical release forms for all players
  • Game fee(s) for Referee crew

Best Practice;

  • Game ball (home team responsibility)
  • Medical kit; ice packs, athletic tape, twine for nets, shoelaces, sun screen, hair ties, etc.
  • Mobile phone (in case of emergency)
  • Whistle (in case a referee for a 8-10U match is not assigned)
Coach Game Reporting - Scores and Incidents

IMPORTANT: Please read "MCYSA Coaches - Instructions for Entering Scores and Incidents After Games" before attempting to enter game scores!

To enter game scores, please use your Coach Email Address and the following 2018-19 Score Entry Password to log in: 871391

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