Game card & Pre-game (revised for 2017-2018 Season)

Coaches are to use the Stack Sports system to print your Game Day Roster. Game Day rosters can be printed within 3-days of the scheduled day/time.

Instructions for using the Stack Sports System can be found at NJYS Help Page. Instructional guides for How to Print Player and Coach Passes, How to Print Medical Releases and How to Print Office State Rosters can also be found there.


Items to bring with you on game day.


  • Game Day Roster - 2 copies (printed in bonzi for each game, printed within 3 days)
  • NJYS Official "State" Roster - 1 copy in case of player or coach verification is needed
  • Coach Cards (laminated)
  • Player Cards (laminated)
  • Medical release forms for all players
  • Game fee(s) for Referee crew

Best Practice;

  • Game ball (home team responsibility)
  • Medical kit; ice packs, athletic tape, twine for nets, shoelaces, sun screen, hair ties, etc.
  • Mobile phone (in case of emergency)
  • Whistle (in case a referee for a 8-10U match is not assigned)
Coach Game Reporting - Scores and Incidents

IMPORTANT: Please read "MCYSA Coaches - Instructions for Entering Scores and Incidents After Games" before attempting to enter game scores!

To enter game scores, please use your Coach Email Address and the following 2019-20 Score Entry Password to log in: 1130679

Click here to login to the Game Score Entry page: SCORE REPORTING