Posted Mar 11, 2017

All games within MCYSA are played in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game (LOTG) except as modified or clarified by MCYSA.  The attached slide deck is a summary of the key modifications for MCYSA play.  This is the slide presentation used for both coach and referee meetings and is summarized for ease of use.  

Fall 2016 key updates

  • Law 1 - Field sizes and lines for 4v4, 7v7, and 9v9
  • Law 3 - Subsitutions
  • Law 5 - Grade 9 can be used as an Assistant Referee
  • Law 11 - Offside in regards to the buildout line
  • U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative
  • Law 12 - Goalie punting 
  • Law 16 - The goal kick in regards to the buildout line

MCYSA Modifications to the LOTG Fall 2016.pdf

2019 IFAB changes to the LOTG as summarized and modified by NJYS may be viewed at  2019-20 NJYSA Modifications of the Laws of the Game (LOTG)