SET A GOOD EXAMPLE ( S.A.G.E.) A Sportsmanship Program adopted by the Morris County Youth Soccer Association

Morris County Youth Soccer Association has adopted the S.A.G.E. program commencing with the Spring 2003 seasonmand it continues today . To help assure successful implementation and participation, the SAGE program was introduced to our membership in a series of steps.

Points 1 and 2 below were introduced for Spring 2003. Points 3, 4, and 5 were adopted for Spring 2004 and are still promoted by the league today.

Purpose of the Program:

To remind us that the game is for the kids, that respect for others is a lesson we can help teach, and that setting a good example is more important than winning. Click here to download a copy of the S.A.G.E. form.

The MCYSA S.A.G.E. 5-point program:

1) Parents, Coaches, and Players sign Sportsmanship Pledge forms spelling out appropriate conduct and the reasons why good sportsmanship is so important. Parents and Player(s) from one family can all sign the same form. Every team carding packet submitted to a DC for validation must include a signed form for all players an coaches to be carded to that team.

2) Coaches must attend their mandatory preseason meeting that is used in part to reinforce SAGE.

3) Mandatory preseason team meetings include the showing of the Kids Come First video available from MCYSA. This video helps explain how to make a youth sports a positive experience which helps kids feel good about themselves, regardless of their ability.

4) At each game, a parent representative from each team must be designated as the SAGE Representative. These representative must be visibly identified with SAGE Buttons. As directed by the referee, prior to the game the SAGE Representative will join the referee and team captains on the field for instruction. The team SAGE representatives are not enforcers of the program. There should be no confrontations. We are encouraging everyone who hears negative comments to NOT react quickly and/or emotionally. After a pause, no reaction or a pleasant "Relax and enjoy the game" are possibilities. Clubs take whatever action on poor sportsmanship they believe is necessary and in compliance with league rules. The consequences of inappropriate behavior by spectators, players or coaches may include a conversation with those involved and/or suggesting or mandating that they attend a sportsmanship seminar. They also may include, but are not limited to, suspension from attending matches or the last thing any of us wants, mandating that a child will not be permitted to remain in the club.

5) Coaches and Parents are to continually asked promote good sportsmanship Before, During, and After the game. KEEP THE FUN IN THE GAME