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License Courses for Coaches License Courses for Referees

F License  ~  E License ~ D License

F License - 9 hour course: Recommended for coaching players 6-11 years old.

  • Additional F LICENSE courses listed on NJYS

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • If you have a Coaching F License Course scheduled in your town, please submit the details for a listing

E License - 18 hour course: Recommended for coaching players 11-14 years old.

  • Additional E LICENSE courses listed on NJYS

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • If you have a Coaching E License Course scheduled in your town, please submit the details for a listing

D License - 36 hour course: Recommended for coaching players 14 years and older.

  • Additional D LICENSE courses listed on NJYS
  • Course Outline and Registration Information can be found at NJYS
  • If you have a Coaching D License Course scheduled in your town, please submit the details for a listing

Coaching Information on NJYS

  • Recommendations for which license you should be considering.  Take the "Coach Education Programs" link from their main page.  (Minimum requirement for all travel coaches is an F License.)

NOTE: Info from NJYS site ...

Coaching Schools Program: The New Jersey Youth Soccer Coaching Schools program is designed to address the needs of the American player and coach. The "F", "E", and "D" courses are state level courses and are taught by the New Jersey Youth Soccer Coaching Schools Staff. A National level "D" is a prerequisite for the National "C" course.

National License Courses: US Soccer conducts week long courses National Coaching Schools leading to the National A license or National B license.  You can find a listing of the currently schedule courses at US Soccer's Coaching Education web site.

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Entry Level Course for REFEREES
If you would like attend a course, you can see a list of additional courses at  NJYS Referee Schools or go to the NJ Referee web site at and click on Courses.  You Must register at  for all courses


  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • If you have a Referee Entry Level Course scheduled in your town, please submit the details for a listing
  • Entry Level Courses listed on NJYS
  • If you would like to schedule an Entry Level Referee Course, please contact the New Jersey Referee Office at 732-607-1374, Fax: 732-607-0296.

Recertification Program

  • All Grade 7 and Grade 8 referees must attend a recertification clinic each year.  There will be a number of clinics scheduled through the state and you must register online at NJYS to attend one of the clinics.  Click here to register for a recertification clinic.

Referee Information on NJYS

  • Includes information and links to "The Laws of the Game";   "Advice to Referees" book; "USSF Memorandum 1999";  and New Jersey Referee Organization.
    Take the "Referee  Page" link from their main page.

Also check out MCYSA's Referee Room - general information for referees and directions on how to referee in MCYSA

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Training & Information Links

2000 Law Changes & USSF Ammendments to the Laws of the Game 2000 - The 114th Annual Meeting of the International Football Association Board was held in Cliveden (England) on February 19, 2000. A number of proposals for changes to the Laws had been put forward for discussion. The actual amendments are listed here and will come into force on July 1, 2000.

A Daily Tip (Soccer) - Understand Soccer: Material about soccer coaching, soccer training, soccer drills. For soccer coaches, soccer players, soccer clubs -

Better Soccer More Fun (Annandale, VA) - Inspired by the KNVB's Dutch Vision, a unique method for teaching soccer.

Internet Soccer Clinics - This site is designed to help you with a variety of coaching topics such as drills for skills, understanding tactics, nutrition, soccer news and much much more. Our goal is to help players, coaches, parents, fans and administrators at all levels of ability, age and gender.

Jeff Pill's Online Drills 

Laws of the Game - FIFA Laws of the Game

Laws of the Game FAQ's - Interesting page created as a collaborative effort by SOCCER-COACH-L mailing list members.

MWSRA Referee Links - from the Metropolitan Washing Soccer Referees Association pages

National Soccer Coaches Association of America - The NSCAA provides educational clinics, academies and seminars. It publishes Soccer Journal, a bi-monthly national soccer education journal, and offers diploma courses in all 50 states. The NSCAA, which is dedicated to promoting the game of soccer and to the education of coaches.

SOCCER-COACH-L - Mailing list for soccer coaches.

Soccer/Football Referee Home Page -  intended to provide links to soccer and referee related pages as well as provide a site which will contain links to personal pages of soccer referees.

Space City Soccer - Internet Soccer Education info for Players, Coaches, Parents - everyone involved in the sport

USSF Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game - Advice to Referees presents official USSF interpretations of the Laws of the Game.  "This book of Advice to Referees is specifically intended to give USSF referees, assistant referees, and fourth officials a reliable
compilation of those international and national guidelines remaining in force, as modified or updated. It is not a replacement for
the Laws of the Game, nor is it a "how to" book on refereeing." 


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