What is Summer League Select?  Why participate in Summer League Select?  Will Summer League Select help in player development?   

For many families, participation in soccer started out as an activity designed for children to get some exercise, make friends, and learn about team sports.  For parents, it provided an opportunity to drop a child off in a safe environment while mom/dad ran an errand or two, it gave mom/dad some free time to relax and read a few pages from the latest bestseller, and/or it created a place to make social contact with other adults.  League Select is a continuation of all of those things and then some.

At its most basic level, League Select is equivalent to summer Little League All-Star baseball with a slight twist --   you don’t have to be friends with the dad that is coaching the all-star team – just kidding.  The aim of League Select is to provide young, talented players, from our member clubs, the opportunity to play soccer beyond the regular league season in an environment that is more challenging and demanding than traditional league play.  Families participate in League Select so their children can gain additional experience playing soccer, learn more about playing the game, make some new friends, and/or to try something new to see if the kids like it.   Ultimately, League Select is all about kids PLAYING soccer and parents ENJOYING the action.

So if your child is really into soccer, League Select is a great way to continue player development.  Will an individual player get better playing – it really depends on the player.  Individual players benefit in countless ways ranging from learning new technical skills to gaining self-confidence.  There is much to be gained and it really comes down to how much a player and his/her parents wish to harvest from the experience.  For some, this initial harvest is a stepping stone along the path to a wonderful career playing youth, high school, college, and ???? 

Each year MCYSA sponsors Summer League Select teams in the U11, U12, U13, U14 age groups for both boys and girls. 

Summer Select

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